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The PHEE Collection | Posidonia Oceanica



The Phee collection Seagrass Sunglasses, PHEE is harnessing the dead leaf of the vascular sea plant Posidonia Oceanica from the beaches of Syros . According to scientists, Posidonia Oceanica is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. One does not need science is  to notice that it is annually washed up in abundance on the Mediterranean shores that is disposed as waste. However, after 3 years of Research & Development PHEE’s team has brought those leaves back to life, being the first company worldwide to fully utilize them as a primary raw material. A pioneering natural material has been developed and patented as such.



All our frames are RX ready except the Phee Collection. Phee-board is a natural product made with eco friendly bonding materials. The humidity of the raw material is extracted and even though the seagrass is washed before drying, sometimes the content in sea salt is higher than wanted. During the removal of the lenses, the Phee-board material might be damaged. In case you wish to replace the lenses or add your prescription, contact us at


Why PHEEboard Seagrass Posidonia Oceanica ?
It is a natural and  unique material. It’s 100% water resistant and has UV resistance.
Phee board is surprisingly light and helps reduce the amounts of wasted seagrass that are washed up in Greek landfills



that lies within mother nature. Our products are not meant to fulfill your innate desire to explore the earth, but rather a subtle prompt push.



is about more than jobs. It’s about philosophy of Greek pride that started this country. It’s about reviving pride in products, pride in design, also pride in manufacturing. These are the sectors Greeks must re-target to create value it’s time to take back that authenticity so to inject it into everything we do. from the minute we wake up to the minute we lay our heads down we think about how we will impact the generations to come.



but those who know it understand it’s true meaning. Quality means dedication to craftsmanship, this craftsmanship starts with design  conception, goes into  manufacturing,  lasts through the life of a product.


WITH THE PHEE COLLECTION Seagrass sunglasses

We wanted to remind you of that beauty, we wanted to spread our philosophy.  Wish you to have in your hands a piece of the Greek pride and have a quality product that will let you take the sense of Greek summer with you.
Keeping this in mind, we’ve teamed up with PHEE.GR to design these perfect pairs of sunglasses. We created the Phee Collection seagrass sunglasses , pairing up walnut lumber with Posidonia Oceanic seagrass.



We live in the center of the Aegean; we grew up near the sea, under the sun. That’s what we are trying to pass through our design process. From the names of the sunglasses, to their designs, the graphic creations and their photographies, we are trying to give the feeling of the place we live. From images of Ermoupoli’s houses, fields under the sun at thee villages of Syros, everything relates to the bright blue color of the sea, the bright light of the Aegean sea, reminding us its islands. Lines and forms on the frame of our sunglasses that remind the waves of  the sea, the boles of pine trees, the flow of the sand in the golden beaches  of the Mediterranean and the essence of the cool summer night breeze.

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