The lenses fitted in these sunglasses feature high optical precision. However they should not be considered as an unbreakable shield against impacts. In case you wish your lenses to be replaced by your optician , please ask him to contact us for technical information. The frames are handcrafted and made of especially designed materials to ensure lightness, comfort and at the same time, mechanical sturdiness.


During the final stages of crafting a pair of eyeglasses is covered with a thin coat of a salve made of soy wax and olive oil. This natural mixture, is handmade by us and it consists of 100% soy wax and extra virgin olive oil. This procedure makes the frame water repellent and lightens up the wooden grain, providing a semi gloss finish. Since wood is a living entity, from time to time it is needs your care. Take care of your eyeglasses like your furniture. When your wood eyeglasses start to look a little worn out, apply a hint of wax or oil to bring back the luster. Oil for finishing wood or even a  transparent lip balm should do the trick.


Every pair of glasses, is accompanied by a 5ml aluminium tin, filled with soy wax & olive oil salve. This natural mixture, is handmade by us and it consists of 100% white bee’s wax and extra virgin olive oil. Take care of your sunglasses by following the instructions below after periods of overuse.

Make sure that your hands are clean and free of any debris, textile fibres etc.

Open the aluminum tin which contains the natural bee’s wax & olive oil salve and take a small dab of it, in the size of a small peanut. This amount is enough for the whole frame.

Apply the salve with your index and thumb on the frame and try to follow the natural grain of wood, using straight moves. Make sure that the frame is completely clean.

Take a dry cotton cloth (not the one provided for the lenses) to finish the cure process. Ideally a microfiber cloth is the best solution for this step.

In  circular motion wipe out any excess salve with the cloth described on the step 5. Repeat if necessary using a clean side of the cloth, by folding it over.

The salve is 100% natural and harmless for the lenses. Though we recommend being careful when you are near them, because extra cleaning time will be needed.


You can replace or even add your presciption lenses in all our frames.
For prescription lenses we propose high index lenses.


Removing the lenses.
With the eyeglasses facing down press in the top center area of the lense.
Lenses go in and out from the front, not the back.


Cutting the lenses.
Take the trace of the lens already fitted, not from the frame
The lenses must be close to the originals in shape and size.


Fitting the lenses.
Start with the widest top to bottom side of the lens. This is usually the inside portion close to the nose, insert the rest of the lens into the rim groove.
This can take a bit of effort and if necessary slightly bend the lens.
Check all grooves and lens line. The lens should be in the groove in all portions of the rim.


Do NOT go crazy with your pushing as you could break the frame but be firm.


Feel free to contact us at for any questions you might have we will be happy to assist you.