ΓΡΑΙΓΟΣ | grégos [noun] A wind blowing from Greece

According to the Mediterranean navy tradition, Grégos was the North East wind that brought the Venetians back home. A wind blowing from Greece.



My pappou Yiannis was a fisherman for living and a true stubborn. He was known to the locals as “to vremeno”, meaning in Greek the wet guy. He always came back to shore with his pants wet from the sea. Grégos is the line we created in the memory of my Pappou Yiannis.

We inherited his stubbornness and wanted this fishing boat to continue her journey through our sunglasses.



Grégos is the LIMITED EDITION line we created in the memory of my Pappou Yiannis.  The boat was built in 1979 in Syros. An old boat used by 3 generations.

We used the wood of this boat in the outer part of the frame trying to maintain the look and finish of the boat, the rest of the frame is made of Oak wood.
The shape we chose for this line is MONK, a simple, yet refined design with a retro look and timeless lines.
We were really excited with the idea to combine the wood from the boat with a shape inspired by a Capuchin (Catholic monk), here in Ano Syros.


Every pair of Grégos sunglasses comes fitted with 100% UVA/UVB sun protection lenses produced by CARL ZEISS VISION SUNLENS and paired with a semi-hard travel case.


Each pair is unique and numbered . Only 150 pairs will be made.
Take them out in the sun where they belong to.